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Top 5 resourceful Agriculture Equipment

The use of eco-friendly technologies enables farmers to produce crops more resourcefully and even by using minimum power. The application of Agriculture Equipment is an effective stimulant for crop production. From the perspective of developing countries, the use of equipment in agriculture has always been neglected.

Traditionally, simple tools are used for farming. Some of them are:

  • Sickle
  • Shovel and spade
  • Axe
  • Pickaxe
  • Hoe

Mechanization is an essential input to turn agricultural production successful. Modern farmers use a huge range of equipment for their different agricultural activities. New farmers may wonder how many different types of Agriculture Equipment are used to make their farm operation successful. So, knowing all the equipment will be confusing. If you are a farmer and planning to buy equipment, then check the list here for better information and guidance.


The tractor, which comes in various sizes, is found to present everywhere during the farming operation. In the past, a tractor was used to pull farm equipment, but in recent years modern tractors are set with other attachments to match farming needs. Because of this, tractors are common things to buy in both large and small sizes. Tractors are of different types like Compact Tractor, Wheeled Tractor, Track Tractor, and Orchard Tractor.

There are several attachments to the tractor to be pulled behind that bring in a new level of operation in the agricultural activity. Some of the attachments are plow, harrows, and fertilizer spreaders.


The harvester helps to produce crops efficiently. Even small farmers can benefit from this Agriculture Equipment to a great extent by using a harvester. This huge machinery is made with complex coordination of blades, gears, belts, and wheels to turn the cereal crops into grain. The harvester achieves this with the help of 3 basic processes: reaping, threshing, and winnowing to meet the need of their farm.


As the name suggests, the seeders spread out seeds across the large plots of land quicker than any other method. Even hand seeders are also there to be used by small farmers. The tractor-pulled seeders are most commonly used in large-scale farms today. There are different machines used in agriculture seeding, like:

  • Broadcast seeders
  • Air Seeders
  • Box drill seeders
  • Planters

The price of the seeder varies following the types, sizes, and conditions of the seeders.


Balers are for the collection of straw, hay, and corn stalk and wrapping them into easily controllable bales. Normally, there are three kinds of hay balers:

  • Round balers
  • Square balers
  • Large square balers

Depending on the application, the method and type of wrapping vary. Normally, round balers are more expensive than square balers. The buyers of balers need to consider the farm demand.

Wagons or Trailers

Wagons and Trailers are essential for almost every farm operation.  As these two are used almost in every farming activity, they are found not only in different sizes but also in different materials.

If you are ready to buy farm equipment, it is wise to contact reputed dealers near you or search online for the one that you really need.